Welcome to Botswana Herbivore Research

Botswana Herbivore Research aims to increase our understanding of Botswana's herbivores. Using a multi-discplinary and collaborative approach we are collecting and analysing a wide range of data to improve our understanding of how animals utilise Botswana's vast wilderness areas and what factors are essential for their long-term survival.

Our research

The Botswana Herbivore Research team was established in 2005 to investigate why herbivore populations in northern Botswana were unstable. Initially research focussed on the Okavango Delta, a unique wetland ecosystem which supports a wide range of wildlife species. Research focussed on determining what were the most important factor for herbivore populations and how animals moved between these preferred areas. This initial research has been successful and has resulted in a number of scientific publications and popular press articles, as well as providing Botswana's ecosystem managers with up-to-date information useful for system management.

The project has now expanded to other protected areas in northern Botswana, with projects currently active across Botswana's northern conservation zone.

By using a wide range of methods and collaborating with other research groups Botswana Herbivore Research has been able to use a number of different approaches to increase our understanding of Botswana's herbivores. Research topics to date include population demographics, resource preferences, space use, movement ecology, disease processes and genetics.

This website gives an overview of our research team and work. If you would like further information please do contact us!