Welcome to Botswana Herbivore Research

Botswana herbivore research conducts research on herbivore population across northern Botswana, with specific reference to zebras. The research aims to increase our understanding of what determines herbivore populations, allowing ecosystem managers a greater chance of preserving them for the future.


The Botswana Herbivore Research team was established in 2005, specifically to investigate why herbivore populations in northern Botswana were unstable. Initially research focussed on the Okavango Delta, a unique wetland ecosystem. Research focussed on determining what were the most important factor for herbivore populations and how animals moved between these preferred areas.

This first aspect of the project has been a great success. Over 3 years large amounts of high quality data have been collected, increasing our understanding of herbivore dynamics.

A second research project has now begun, focussing on a zebra migration that was discovered by the researchers in 2008. This migration moves from the Okavango Delta to the Makgadikgadi grasslands. At 580km round trip it is the second longest zebra migration in Africa.