The Research Team

Botswana Herbivore and Zebra Research is a collaboration between the Mammal Research Unit, University of Bristol and the Harry Oppenheimer Okavango Research Centre, University of Botswana

Hattie Bartlam

Hattie Bartlam is the lead researcher, she is passionate about increasing our understanding of, and thus our ability to protect, northern Botswana's fragile and unique ecosystems. She is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Bristol and is working towards her PhD.

Hattie graduated from the University of Bristol with a 1st class BSc(Hons)in Physiology in 2003. She immediately came out to Botswana, working as a research assistant for Dr. Chris Brooks' project on the Makgadikgadi Research Project. She spend one year working in the Makgadikgadi, learning field research methodology and the practicalilities of running a research project is a harsh and isolated environment. Hattie then worked as a researcher in northern Mozambique for Cabo Del Gado Biodiversity and Tourism on a turle community conservation project. In 2005 Hattie estabished Botswana Herbivore Research, working closely with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks to develop the Okavango Herbivore Research Project. In 2008 Hattie established the Zebra Migration Project to further investigate the second longest zebra migration in the world that she discovered whilst collecting data on zebra movement in the Okavango.


Dr Mpaphi Casper Bonyongo

Dr. Casper Bonyongo has long had a fascination in the Okavango's herbivores. In 2004 he was awarded a PhD from the University of Bristol on the ecology of large herbivores in the Okavango Delta. Caspar is a research fellow at the Harry Oppenheimer Okavango Research Centre, working on ecosystem dynamics. He is the project's local advisor.


Mpho Saleshando

Mpho Saleshando grew up in Maun, Botswana. He has worked for the project since 2006, working as a field assistant.